On this page we have included Borsa (Bags) with Maschera Antigas (Gasmasks) as the latter were often discarded and the satchels that carried them utilised into small assault packs.
Above is an image of two different types of Italian Gasmask and their carriers. On the Left is the M33 Maschera Antigas, with is large satchel carrier. The MAsk is made from rubber dyed olive green, along withits hose, which fits into an activated carbon filter, which was left in the satchel when worn. This was replace by the M35 Maschera Antigas, which are the two types in the centre and right. Again, a natural rubber mask, with the filter attached directly to the facepiece via a screw on arrangement. This was carried in a conical form bag, with a non adjustable strap. We have included two types of the M35 to demonstrate the difference in colour. Many shades have been indentified, from olive green, to orange and black. Brown and Olive tend to be the most common.
Above we see three different types of Borsa.  The top one is the BORSA TACTICA, or Assault bag. This was given to some troops as a small pack for patrols and skirmish actions, or in actions were they were not expected to be away from the main body of troops for long. It has two web strap closings, and the interior is divided into compartments to hold spare grenades, ammo cartons and rations. It was often carried below the main back. The two Borsa below are both M33 Gasmask bags. They only differ in the way the flap is secured. The one on the left has a leather tab and stud closing, whereas the one on the right has a strap and buclkle arrangement. Both are fairly common. The shoulder strap is adjustable. Inside the bag there is an extra two flaps for security. These are closed by either a snap fastener or a version of the 'Lift the Dot' fastening seen on US Helmet liners.
In the image above, we see the NCO Map case. It has been included in this page as it was a carrier of sorts, that being of orders and information etc. It is made of the same Olive grey green canvas that most italian equiment was made from, and has a simple interior arrangement of a dense cellophane panel with a cloth divider behind it. It is closed with press snap fasteners, and has a leather pocket for a pencil. A simple cord is used as a shoulder strap. Officers versions are usually made from leather and far more 'ornate' in design and construction.