Mediterraneo was formed in 1996, by a small group of enthusiasts who wished to challenge the norm within the Second World War Community in the UK. With most groups concentrating on the Normandy battle front, it was felt that the broader conflict should have just as much focus. The Italian Army had a huge draw for those who founded the group, as there was not much known about the Regio Esercito, and the Italian Soldier was much maligned, so the challenge was set. The group started off portraying Infantrymen of the 9th Regiment of the 50th Regina Divisione, with the scope to also encompass Infantymen within the Tropical scenario as well.

As time went on, it was felt that the group needed to educate people as to the true role of the Italian soldier, to show that for all the stereotyping, the Italian Infantryman was in fact a very brave individual, who often went into battle ill prepared, ill led and hopelessly out-gunned by his opponents. To that end, Mediterraneo still strives to inform people about the forgotten facts about the Italian soldier.

Recently, Mediterraneo has undergone a transformation. The group now portray troops of the Italian 3rd Julia Alpini Regiment. This was done in order to allow the smooth merging of two elements within the UK who portrayed Italian forces, but also to demonstrate one of the more elite units of the Second World War..

The group has also recently strived to make its tropical scenarios more accurate than ever. The group portrays two different regiments for these displays, that being Bersaglieri light Infantrymen of the 7th Trento Motorised Divisione, as well as troops from the Pavia Divisione.

The group also portrays differing units from the RSI period (Post 1943) for occasions such as private battles and tacticals. To this end, we try to show everyone the full scope of the uniforms worn by the Italian land forces in WW2.

Mediterraneo is not a political organisation, and will not tolerate such ideologies like neo-fascism or neo-nazism within its structure. Members who express such attitudes will be expelled from the group, and the group will not allow anybody expressing these views or anybody who is part of a political organisation that also has these views to join. Thankyou.
Taken In 1996, with Carl Raby, John Bown and Neil Lawrence at the War and Peace show in Kent