Here are some of the personal items you could expect to find upon an Italian Soldier in World War Two.  At the top left there is period money, along with a small pocket sized calender and a 'portable ' shrine. Moving across to the right you can see a first aid dressing, usually kept in a small pocket on the inside of the soldiers jacket, with a sweet tin and razor blades with the issued razor. You then have the personal record book, with ID tag and card as well as a training book on rifle shooting. Also shown is the sewing kit, comb, soap and toothpaste with a torch and rifle cleaning kit. Along the bottom there is cigarettes and matches, field cooker, fuelled by paraffin blocks, tin opener, knife and fork with medals (white cross is Russian front and the bronze medal is for service in Abysinnia). Personal effects were much prized by the Italian soldier. Simple reminders of home and family were very important to them.
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