While WW2 reenactment can seem like just something for the boys, girls (Or rather women) can also take part. In Mediterraneo, female members are welcomed and take on the part of the Nurses of the Croce Rossa Italiano. The Italian's never really employed females into the armed forces like other nations did, but the role of the CRI nurses was extremely important and should not be down played. The CRI nurses served on all fronts, under extremely unpleasant conditions, yet caring for the wounded of all nations that came under their care. After the collapse of the fascist regime, and the withdrawl of the Italian units on the Russian front, the CRI unit in Russia at the time, stayed on, continuing their work under the red cross banner.
Click the link below to see some fantastic original photographs of Italian Red Cross Nurses from the Croce Rossa Italiano website

C.R.I Photo Archive
Here's just a few of the original items we use on our displays. In the Medical pack there are such items as Bandages, scalpels, iodine bottles, torniquets and throat pastilles! Also in the pack is WW2 Italian triage slips and wound tags.
We recreate medical scenarios in which our members partake, using original equipment as well as period medical techniques (you won't find us performimg chest compressions or advanced airway maintanence)