Casco Coloniale Modello 1928
This model of Pith helmet was worn by the Italian troops in the North African Campaigns (As well as East Africa).
Although archaic in look, it was popular due to its lightness in weight and excellent sun protection. Soldiers would often add graffitti or badges as good luck tokens
M33 Elmetto
Standard Italian Steel Helmet. Modern design (for the time), offering some ballistics protection (The mildness of the steel used didn't make it completely bulletproof). Often stenciled with branch badge, units like the Alpini and Bersaglieri had special holders attatched for their plumess
Alpini Cappello
Symbolic of Italy's Alpini is their Cap, or Cappello. It has been worn since the 1st World War, and continues to this day. Made of Rabbit fur felt, it is both comfortable and warm to wear. The Nappine (pom-pom) and Feather denote the battalian and grade of soldier (Black being Ordinary Ranks)
M42 Paracadutisti Elmetto
The Italians were one of the first to establish paratroop units, along with specialised equipment. This is the second pattern of helmet, with a nose guard. the first pattern ones (M41) had a nasty habit of riding forward and causing facial injuries, so the guard was introduced. The cover is standard WW2 Italian camouflage material.
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