The Alpini, or Moutain Troopers, were often the cutting edge in Italy's campaigns in Europe and Russia. They fought with distinction in the French, Greek and Russia campaigns, but were severely mauled by the Greeks in 1940-41. During the Russian campaign, these troops trained specificlly for mountain warfare were sent to the flat featureless Steppes of Russia and were part of the CSIR. During operation 'Little Saturn' the follow up operation to 'Uranus' (The encirclement of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad), the Alpini found themselves surrounded and cut off from friendly lines. However, through a magnificent feat of arms, they fought their way out of the encicrclement through snow and about 200 miles against constant attacks and opposition, and led themselves and allied units (German and Hungarian, along with other Italian untis) to Safety. They wear the Cappello, or Mountian hat, with a black feather to signify they are a true man of the mountains. Often raised in mountainous areas of Italy, they took the name of the ranges they came from. We as a group portray  the Trindentina division of this amazing force.
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