The Latest Acquistion for the Group is the Moto-Guzzi 'Super Alce' 500cc motorbike, which belongs to Mike S.  This particaular bike was built in 1947, but interestingly, the documents point to it actually being constructed in 1941. A lot of the parts on this machine display the 'Star of Savoy' emblem, and that would denote that theparts were made well before 1943. It is therefore assumed that the bike itself was made after the war from parts made during the war, and is identical in everyway to the wartime built ones anyway.

The addition of this vehicle now gives Mediterraneo an extra dimension in its displays. With the Super Alce now taking pride of place, it also helps people understand the importance of the Motorbike to the Italian armed forces. Cheap and easy to manufacture, Motorbikes were sometimes the only way troops actually got to the frontline, especially in North Africa, were the chronic shortages of motor transport normally left the Italian 'Motorised' divisions foot bound.

Along with the Moto Guzzi, the group also displays with a Moto-Guzzi 'Ercole' and WW2 field kitchen owned by our comrades from Devon.
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