Ok, you've decided to take that big step into WW2 eenactment, and plumbed for an Italian Soldier, but what do you need to get started?

Well, first off, you'll need to get a uniform. Now this will depend on what unit you decide to represent, but as a pointer, we always suggest that a new member gets the basic M40 Grigio Verde uniform. With this uniform you can represent the Alpini, but with a simple changing of the Mostrine, you can do either Infantry or Bersaglieri, and to a point, Decima Mas (Or even Early War  Paratrooper)
M40 Grigio Verde Uniform.

M40 Tunic. (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
M40 Pantalone  (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
M39 Shirt  (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
Alpini Capello  (Ebay/Alcapello)
M34 Bustina (Infantry impression)  (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
Grigio Verde Puttees. (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
M1912 Boots (Alpini M1912 boots preferable, Bespoke Made)
Long Grigio Verde socks. (Any good camping shop stocks these)

Tropical Fanteria/Bersaglieri

Camiciotto jacket  (Hikishop)
M40 Tropical Pantalone  (Hikishop)
M40 Tropical shirt (At this moment, only Sartoria Equipe will make one)
M40 tropical Bustina (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
Casco Coloniale (Pith Helmet, Ebay is best, but repro's soon available)

For Bersaglieri extras.
Fez (Ebay)
Plume (Ebay or Crapanzano Militaria)

Puttees and boots same as M40 G-V uniform.
Decima Mas/Paratrooper  (Just GV for Decima, Both types for Para)

M41 Tunic. (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
M41 Pantolone (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
Shirt as per M40 or Tropical, depending on which you choose

Decima Extras
Beret (Sartoria Equipe/Hikishop)
Boots are either M1912 Fanteria or Alpini
Grey green roll neck jumper

Para extras
Boots (Unfortunately, at this moment these are bespoke made)
M29 Bustina (Group makes these)
Casco coloniale (Same as tropical)