Images of the M41 Italian paratroop uniform. The combat uniform consists of the M42 Paratroop helmet (different from the M38 due to the nose guard and different why the helmet straps are attached to the helmet) and the step in type paratroopers jump smock. This is in the Italian camouflage pattern developed in 1929. There are now known to have been three types of Paratroopers smock, only different from the patterns used on them. One being a plain grey green cloth, the second is that of the pattern above, and the third being a slightly different colouration of the M1929 camo pattern. It has a stone coloured base, brown larger segments and a dark apple green interspersed. There has been debate regarding this pattern, but pictorial evidence from WW2 supports this, as well as the Two original smocks held in the possession of the Imperial war museum in London (Archives at IWM Duxford), and have been in their possession since 1946
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Recreations of Italian Paratroop's by members of Mediterraneo. Constant research has lead us to be able to represent the elite troops of the Folgore Division. All the images show the different uniform they wore, including the unique para smock (Unique as it was a different colour to the normal M1929 Telo Tenda Mimetico colour), as well as the canvas webbing belt the troopers wore.

Below is a picture showing the Tropical uniform of the Folgore. In the picture you can make out the winged sword mostrine patch, the parachute qualification badge, as well as the high leg rubber soled jump boots they wore. This is the uniform they would've worn while fighting at El Alamein. Included in this picture is a two litre canteen, often used in the desert, as well as the M39 large pack, again, used in the desert, and especially by members of the Folgore.
'The remnants of the Folgore division put up a resistance beyond every limit of human possibility'