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Practising wire cutting and taking five with a cup of coffee.
The Guastatori Genio were Italy's specialist Assault Engineers in World War Two. They were trained in various techniques in assaulting an enemy position, using such weapons as mines, grenades, flame throwers, banagalore torpedoes and so on. They would also be used to clear enemy obstacles with mine detectors, wire cutters and demolition charges. They were selected from volunteers and under went tough medical and training programmes. Mediterraneo recreates elements of this very special unit, as part of our mantra to show the public that the Italian forces were very forward thinking.
Finding, probing and clearing then removing Mines was one of the hazard duties performed by the Guastatori, usually under fire. We pride ourselves on portraying these troops accurately using the equipment available to the fighting men of the Regio Esercito Guastatori Genio.